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Content Management System
I cannot upload a picture or file.
Where can I change the content of BookingLive buttons / How do I use the Language String Editor?
How do I login to my Word Press Blog account?
Drag and Drop is not working on the user defined forms module
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Payment Settings
SagePay is down - what do I do?
How do I add or change the payment gateway we use?
How do I set up deposits?
How do we set up the T&Cs page (that is mensioned/linked to/from the billingpage)?
Getting Started
We have two people who will need to receive a copy of every booking confirmation. Where do I add these email addresses?
How do I setup a new email account?
I have gone through a couple of bookings today to see the conformation email, and the email is sent from your address, where will this information get changed on the system.
Our booking system has just gone live - how long will it take?
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How do I get BookingLive on my Facebook Page?
How do I enable post code lookups on my system?
How do I integrate the booking system with Mailchimp?
How do I integrate the booking system with Highrise CRM?
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Advanced Settings / Features
How to create 301 redirects
How do I set up Google maps
How can customers view a list of availability instead of a calendar?
How can I change what's displayed on the booking summary?
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Support and Feature Requests
How long will my ticket take to be resolved?
Email & SMS Notifications
How can I enter Custom Email Text from my activity/location/extra onto my message?
When received - the Confirmation email is saying sent from:, how do I change this?
When trying to send email it says 'Relaying Denied'
I cannot send emails, but can receive
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Bookings, Customers & Schedules
How to manage your bookings
What is the EU Cookie Law?
How can I see more headings on the BOOKINGS admin section?
How can a customer book multiple items simultaneously?
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Activities, Courses and more
How do I display a book now widget to my customers?
What does changing the "Status" of a Course from "Active" to "Inactive" do?
What is the difference between an Activity/Course in the system?
What does changing the "Status" of a Course from "Open" to "Closed" do?
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