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Content Management System
How do I login to my Word Press Blog account?
Where can I change the content of BookingLive buttons / How do I use the Language String Editor?
I cannot upload a picture or file.
Drag and Drop is not working on the user defined forms module
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Payment Settings
SagePay is down - what do I do?
How do I add or change the payment gateway we use?
How do I set up deposits?
How do we set up the T&Cs page (that is mensioned/linked to/from the billingpage)?
Getting Started
We have two people who will need to receive a copy of every booking confirmation. Where do I add these email addresses?
How do I setup a new email account?
What browsers can I use?
Our booking system has just gone live - how long will it take?
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How do I get BookingLive on my Facebook Page?
How do I integrate the booking system with Highrise CRM?
How do I enable post code lookups on my system?
How do I integrate the booking system with Mailchimp?
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Advanced Settings / Features
How to create 301 redirects
How do I set up Google maps
How can customers view a list of availability instead of a calendar?
How can I change what's displayed on the booking summary?
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Support and Feature Requests
How long will my ticket take to be resolved?
Email & SMS Notifications
How can I enter Custom Email Text from my activity/location/extra onto my message?
When received - the Confirmation email is saying sent from:, how do I change this?
I cannot send emails, but can receive
When trying to send email it says 'Relaying Denied'
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Bookings, Customers & Schedules
What is the EU Cookie Law?
How to manage your bookings
How can I see more headings on the BOOKINGS admin section?
How can a customer book multiple items simultaneously?
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Activities, Courses and more
How do I display a book now widget to my customers?
What does changing the "Status" of a Course from "Active" to "Inactive" do?
What is the difference between an Activity/Course in the system?
What does changing the "Status" of a Course from "Open" to "Closed" do?
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