Some payment gateways require additional configuration. Please follow the guide below to configure your payment gateway correctly.

How to Setup Sagepay

Please following these important steps:

  1. Login to SagePay at
  2. Go to VALID IPS and click the ADD button
  3. Enter the IP address that your booking system is installed on (see below)
    3.1 Find your system IP address easily by entering your URL into (select the A record)
    3.2 Also enter the server IP address which you can request from Booking Live
    3.3 The Submet Mask is:
  4. If your Sagepay account is not live, you must:
    4.1 Complete a booking using Sage Pay test card numbers
    4.2 Perform a refund via your sagepay account:

How to Switch Your Sagepay to Live

  1. Login to My Sage Pay (Live) at
  2. Repeat steps 2 and 3 above
  3. Login to Booking Live and change the payment settings to Live