About Room Booking Products

Room Booking Products allow you to book out a Resource for a variable ammount of time.

  • These products have a minimum duration and increment to control these events and are priced per hour.
  • These products can be configured to allow creation of repeating events when booking.
  • These products can be linked to one or more resources that share the same product details (e.g. pricing), when this is done the purchaser can choose between these resources on the booking page
  • When purchasing these "custom" events are created upon the resource, while booking, can be dragged to update them

The user can create events on an outlook style calendar by clicking and dragging and can drag the event to different item / date or drag to change the start / end times.

The user also has the option, if configured on the product, to creating repeating occurrences of this event (again similar to outlook). It is possible to setup a "season end" to ensure no one can repeat beyond a certain date.

How to create a Room Booking product

  1. Go to Settings > Products
  2. Click on "Actions" in the top-right
  3. Select " Add Product"
  4. Provide a Name and Type of Product
  5. Click " Save"
  6. Once the product has saved, you will be provided with additional options as below:

  1. Product Name
  2. Product Pricer per Increment
  3. Product Description
  4. Search field to link in existing Resources
  5. Name of linked Resources
  6. Location of linked Resources
  7. Not applicable for Room Bookings
  8. The Minimum duration a booking can be for
  9. The duration (in minutes) for each increment - also used in the calculation of the price
  10. Can this product be booked on a repeating basis?
  11. Maximum number of weeks that a repeat booking can be made for
  12. Product image
  13. The Feebakc Template that this product will use
  14. The Category for Booking Protect that this product falls under

Next Steps

Once you have created your Room Booking Product, you will need to create a series of Available Events.

Email tab

The email tab allows you to include content in e-mails that is only included if the email is in relation to an order containing this product.
This is usefull for including additional details about the product (such as directions, equipment, additional details, etc) that the customer will need to be made aware of once they have booked.

Additionally, this tab also allows you to include attachments to the e-mail, which is included in the confirmation email where appropriate.

Advanced settings tab

The Advanced Settings tab contains several additional fields that are usefull to utilise:

  1. Does this product use the Event Waiting List?
  2. What is the minimum number of people who can be booked in a single order? (suggestion is to set this to 1)
  3. What is the maximum number of people whoc an be booked in a single order?
  4. Does this product have a minimum participant age?
  5. Does this product have a maximum participant age?
  6. Section showing any linked Pre-Requisites
  7. Does this product have an accounting code?
  8. The Product Timeline that this product is linked to.
  9. The PDF Content for this product - PDF provided when this product is booked (used to make entry tickets and such)
  10. The Completion Certificate for this product - PDF provided when the event has ended (used to make attendance certificates and such)
  11. The Refund Text for this product.