emplate Event Product

Template Events allow you to set up events that can have the following features:

  • Flexible entry times to an event, but for a fixed duration
  • A flexible number of people during a day, but with a maximum upper limit of participants
  • A "Chain" of events that use a series of Resources

Template events monitor the usage of a Resource, ensuring that the Resource is no over-booked at any time. Additionally, Template Events can share Resource Capacity between multiple Products (including Room Booking Events)

Flexible Entry and Max upper limit

When you set up a template event, you can define a "Template" (the duration of the event itself), and the intervals between session "bands". This means that you can set up an event that will last for 1 hour, but particiants can join in at 15 minute intervals.

The above example shows four groups of participants attending a Template Event.

  • This template event has a Band Duration of 15 minutes, and a Template which lasts 60 minutes.
  • The Resource being used has a maximum capacity of 15 and is available between 0900 and 1130
  • The Product has a Maximum New Participants Per Session setting of 5, which means that a maximum of 5 people can enter every 15 minutes.
  • It is not possible to make any more bookings at 0900 or 0915, as this would put the Resource over capacity, and exceed the Maximum New Per Session setting.
  • As only 3 people have booked on in sessions 4 and 5, a maximum of 2 new partipants may join those sessions.
  • As there are no groups currently booked to join at 1030, there is space for 5 new participants to join the event at 1030
  • As the Template is set to only be bookable During Available Hours, and the Resource is available from 0900 to 1130, there is no space for people to join after 1030 as this would mean their session would end after the available hours.
It is important to note that a "Session" for a Template Event is not the same as a Booking. If a Template event is set up to have a maximum of 5 new participants, this could be 5 individual bookings, who happen to be starting at the same time.

Create Template Product

To create a new template product, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings > Products > Add Product
  2. Click on "Actions" in the top-right
  3. Select " Add Product"
  4. Provide a Name and Type of Product
  5. Click " Save"
  6. Once the product has saved, you will be provided with additional options as below:

  1. The Product's Name
  2. The Product's Price
  3. The Product's Description
  4. The Product's Booking View
  5. Is this Product payable with Childcare Vocuchers?
  6. The Minimum Attendance Level required for this product (see Admin Calendar)
  7. Location ID - not required
  8. Band Duration - The interval between start times for new sessions.
  9. Maximum New Participants Per Session - How many people can be in a single Session.
  10. Fixed Times - Used to define fixed start times for sessions, as opposed to the times configured with the Band Duration
  11. The Product Image
  12. The Booking Form that this Product will use
  13. The Feedback Template that this Product will use

Creating Templates

Once you have created your Product, you will need to start creating Templates for this product. Templates are the sessions that the participant will be attending.
To create a Template, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the "Event Templates" tab
  2. Select " Add Event Template"

  1. Duration of the Template in Minutes
  2. Is this Template only available during Available Hours?
  3. What Resources are used with this Template?
  4. What Sequence is this Template?
  5. The Name of the Product the Template is part of.

Next Steps

Once you have created your Template Event Product, you will need to create a series of Available Events.

Email tab

The email tab allows you to include content in e-mails that is only included if the email is in relation to an order containing this product.
This is usefull for including additional details about the product (such as directions, equipment, additional details, etc) that the customer will need to be made aware of once they have booked.

Additionally, this tab also allows you to include attachments to the e-mail, which is included in the confirmation email where appropriate.

Advanced settings tab

The Advanced Settings tab contains several additional fields that are usefull to utilise:

  1. Does this product use the Event Waiting List?
  2. What is the minimum number of people who can be booked in a single order? (suggestion is to set this to 1)
  3. What is the maximum number of people whoc an be booked in a single order?
  4. Does this product have a minimum participant age?
  5. Does this product have a maximum participant age?
  6. Section showing any linked Pre-Requisites
  7. Does this product have an accounting code?
  8. The Product Timeline that this product is linked to.
  9. The PDF Content for this product - PDF provided when this product is booked (used to make entry tickets and such)
  10. The Completion Certificate for this product - PDF provided when the event has ended (used to make attendance certificates and such)
  11. The Refund Text for this product.