Membership Products apply a Membership Group to a user for the duration of the Membership. This can be used to:

  • Keep track of who has active memberships
  • Apply discounts
  • Provide access to certain Products

Membership Product Settings

1. The name of the Product.

2. The Status of the product (On/Off)

3. The Admin Calendar colours for this Product

4. The description for this Product

5. Payable with Childcare Vouchers (if enabled)

6. The minimum attendance threshold on the Admin Calendar

7. The image to display for this Product

8. Which Booking Form will be used for Members

9. Does this Membership have Unlimited or Limited capacity?

10. The capacity, if limited.

11. The Membership Group that will be given to Members.

12. The time period before expiry to send a message to the Member.

13. The Notification that will be sent.

14. The available Time Ranges for purchase with this membership (see below for more details).

15. The Feedback form sent after the Membership expires (if enabled)

16. The price per Membership

17. The Accounting Code used

Membership Time Ranges

The Time Ranges determine when the membership can be purchased for, and how long it will apply for.

When adding a new Time Range, you are given the following options:

Membership Start:

  • Now
  • Tomorrow (midnight)
  • Fixed Date

Membership End:

  • 12 Months
  • 6 Months
  • 1 Month
  • Fixed Date

Once you have specified the time ranges, you can then click "Save and Close" to add the Time Range to this Membership.

If required, you can add multiple Time Ranges to a single Membership

About Membership Groups

Membership Groups can be applied to users to provide certain levels of access to the Booking System and the My Account. Additionally, they can be used to trigger Promotions and Pricing Schemes.

Membership Groups can only be created by BookingLive, so if any additional Groups are required for your system, please raise a Support Ticket.

About the Memberships screen

The Memberships Screen can be used to keep track of what memberships have been sold through your system, and which ones are currently active or inactive.
The screen also shows you details, such as when the membership starts and ends, and when the next payment is due.