About Product Groups

Product groups are enabled via Setting> Add-ons, "Use Product Group" checkbox.
Product Groups are used to keep your products organised through different areas of the system. Using product groups has two distinct advantages, in terms of displaying products to your customers - Product Display & Product Group views.

Creating a Product Group

Product Groups can be found in the Products Section of the admin area:

  1. Go to Settings > Products > Product Group
  2. To create a new Product Group, click on the green button.
    2.1 Enter a name for the Product Group
    2.2 Ensure that the Status is "On".
    2.3 Click "Save"
  3. To add products to a Product Group, select the relevant Group.
    3.1 Go to the "Products" tab.
    3.2 Using the "Find Products by Name..." search box in the top right, find a product that you wish to add to this group.
    3.3 Once you have found the Product, click on the "Link Existing" button to the right.
    3.4 Repeat as required until all Products are added.
  4. Click "Save" or "Save and close" as is required.

Using Product Groups

As mentioned earlier, there are two key areas which Product Groups are beneficial:

  • Product Display on the website
  • Product Group views.

Product Display

Within the Page editor, the easiest way to display products is with the "Product Display" widget.

The Product Display widget has an option for displaying all Products that are part of a Product Group.
This means you can easily and simply split products across multiple pages, and display them based upon Product Groups.

Product Group Views

Another feature, which is included in release 3.3, is that you can display multiple Product availabilities together in one view.
However, in order for this to be used, the products much:

  • All be in the same product group
  • All be using the same Booking View (E.g. SevenDayMultiSelect)

Once you know all of the products meet this criteria, you can then view them by going to the relevant Product Group page:

  • E.g: <site>/book/add/pg/1

The identifier for the Product group in particular can be found by looking at the URL whilst viewing the product group within the Admin Section.

Importing Product Groups

The following fields are mandatory for an Import:

  • Name - The name of the Product Group
  • Status - On

The following additional fields can be used in addition:

  • Code
  • Brief Description
  • Custom Email Text