Booking Live have the option to use Waiting Lists, this is enabled per product and does not take any payment when a customer makes a booking. This allows users to reserve a place after an event is fully booked. Waiting Lists can be managed through the Admin Calendar.

How to enable Waiting Lists

  1. Go to Settings > Products
  2. Select the Product you want to activate the waiting list for
  3. Go to the "Advanced" Tab
  4. Tick the "Event Waiting List" checkbox
  5. Any Events that are fully booked, and in the future will now display the "Join Waiting List" option.

Once this has been set up, once an event becomes fully booked the "Select Option" will be replaced with "Join Waiting List" as shown below with our example client:

Finding Waiting List Orders

Any Waiting List orders that come into the system will have the status "Waiting List", and as such, you can look for these on the Orders Screen.

Managing Waiting Lists

If you get any cancellations or additional availability for an event, you can promote customers from the Waiting List into the Event. This is done from the Admin Calendar, which also shows you any events that have a Waiting List.

  1. Go to Calendar
  2. Use the filters and calendar navigation to find the applicable event.
  3. Any events that currently have people on the Waiting List will have a blue "W" icon in the lower-left of the event.
  4. Click on the Event, then click "Manage"
  5. In the Manage window, you will see an option under "Event Actions" labelled "Waiting List". This option will also show you how many people are currently on the Waiting List.
  6. To manage the Waiting List, click on this option.
  7. This new window will show you a list of all the people who are currently on the Waiting List.
  8. If you want to Promote someone from the Waiting List to the Event propper, click on the  icon.
  9. If there are no spaces available, the system will provide a warning, if there are spaces available, the system will ask you to confirm this action.
  10. If the person is being promoted, you will then be taken to the Billing Admin page for you to process a payment or provisionally complete the order.