About Admin Orders

Admin Orders are similar to a standard Customer Order, but with a few extra steps included. This is to allow Admin Users of the system to be able to process bookings on behalf of customers for various reasons.

Admin Orders record which staff member processed the Order, and this information is displayed on various screens, such as the Orders Report, the Transactions table within an Order and so-forth.

Starting an Admin Order

There are several methods to start an Admin Order, these include:

  • Clicking on the "Start Booking" button at the top of the Admin menu
  • Starting a booking on the Front-End of the booking system.
  • Clicking on "New Booking" within the Manage Event window of the Admin Calendar
  • Clicking on the Rebook Button () on the Orders Screen
  • Clicking on the Rebook Button () on the Customer Screen
  • Selecting the "Make a Booking" option from the Actions Menu on a Customer Profile
To make an Admin Order, you must first be logged in to the Admin section of Booking Live with an Admin account


The last three items on the above list are "Rebook" options. These options will load the details of the chosen Customer into the relevant forms once you reach the Billing Page.

"New" Admin Booking Process

Systems that are v3.4 onwards will have the "new" Admin Booking process, which can be started by clicking on the " Start Booking" button at the top of the Admin Menu.
This process has been included to make it simpler for Admins to process Admin Orders.

  1. Click the "Start Booking" button
  2. Select which Product you want to book onto
    2.1 You can use the Filters on the left of the screen to find specific Product Types and Locations
  3. Enter an E-mail Address
    3.1 You can enter a new E-mail at this point, if the customer is not already on your system
    3.2 You can search for existing Customers by E-mail or Name, and select them as applicable
  4. If you want to process an order in the past, you can select the date from the "Selected Date" option that's provided.
    4.1 If you are processing an Order in the past, you have the option to use the pricing from the event date, or today's date via the swtich provided.
  5. Select the applicable Event(s) and Upsells
  6. Proceed through the Basket Page
    6.1 You can apply Promocodes as per usual on the Basket Page
  7. Fill out the Purchaser and Participant Details on the Billing Page
    7.1 If you have selected an exisiting Customer, the Purchaser fields should already be filled out.
    7.2 If you have selected an exisiting Customer, any previously used Participants will be offered in the dropdowns where applicable.
  8. Apply relevant Transactions against the Order to either Complete it, or create a Provisional Order.

The Billing Admin page

Admin users of Booking Live have access to the Billing Admin page during the booking process. This page is only visible to admin users of the booking sytsem, and not general customers.

On this page, you can add in non-card transactions using the options provided at the top of the page.
Additionally, you can use the "Complete with Card" button at the bottom of the page to go through to your Payment Gateway.
Finally, you can opt to complete the order as a Provisional Order, which will allow the Customer to pay the outstanding balance through their MyAccount.

Back-dating Bookings

When using Single Event type products it is possible to back-date bookings if needed via the "More Options" dropdown on the Start Booking screen. Clicking this will reveal two additional options; the ability to set a date in the past for a booking, and an option for which price should be used (if prices have changed since that date):

Clicking on the date field will load a calendar, once you have selected a new date this will be shown and will be used as the 'mock' date for when the order was taken.

The "Use Current Pricing" option allows you to choose between using today's pricing for this order or, if there was a different price on the date set, to use the pricing that was in place on that date instead.