Booking Live keeps track of all your customers. The customer's area of your admin is where you can manage customers, search and filter your customer list for insights, and more.

The search function allows many quick find functions to assist the users finding the correct person quickly, admins will have the option of entering some or all of the fields below:

From the customers page you can:

  • Use the < and > buttons at the top right to navigate to the next customer
  • Search and filter your customers
  • Click a customer's name to edit customer details
  • Reload the customer details for a new order

Search, Filter and Group Customers

Booking Live includes a search engine which is useful to find a specific customer, even when you don't know their name. It also includes a powerful filtering system, that returns a list of customers that match certain criteria. The filters can found on the left of the Customers page. After you've applied a filter, you can add a customer to a Group within their profile. You can also add tags (labels) allowing you to profile customers.

Tabs on the Customers Screen

There are four tabs on the Customers Screen:

A list of all Purchasers on the system.
A list of all Participants a on the system.
A record of all Feedback provided.

Adding new Customers

To add a new Customer to the system:

  1. Click on the "Actions" menu, in the top-right of the Customers screen.
  2. Choose " Create Customer".
  3. Fill out the relevant details as required.
  4. Click "Confirm".