To view the details of an Customer on your system, go to Admin > Customers and then select an Customer.

  1. Customer name
  2. Customer address
  3. Customer telephone number
  4. Customer email address
  5. Customer reference number
  6. Customer created date
  7. Customer income received
  8. Customer Security Groups
  9. Customer tags (See below)
  10. Order reference
  11. Order date / time
  12. Order status
  13. Order source
  14. Order total cost
  15. Order outstanding balance
  16. Memberships purchased by this Customer
  17. Customer notes (See below)

Further information

Customer Tags

Introduced in v3.4, Customers can have freeform tags added to them for administrative purposes. This can be used to track certain Customers, or to record actions taken against them (for administrative purposes).

To add a new tag to an Customer, you simply enter the tage name and hit enter. This then applies the tag against the Customer.
Once a tag has been added to an Customer, it can be used again on other Customers by entering the tag name into the box, and clicking on the suggestions provided.

Tags can be used in the Filters on the Customers screen.

Customer Notes

Customer notes can come from two sources:

  • Admins
  • Booking Live (as part of a Migration)

In all cases, Admin Notes can only be seen by people with access to the Admin section of the booking system.

Customer Actions

In the top-right of the Customer detaisl screen, there is an "Actions" menu, which provides the following options:

  • Edit Profile
  • Make a Booking
  • Reset Password

Edit Details

This action allows you to edit the details of the Customer, including adding a photo to their profile.

Make a Booking

This action will start an Admin Order for this customer, with their details automatically being provided at the relevant stages.

Reset Password

This action will invalidate the customer's current password, and send them a link via e-mail for them to set a new password, if required.