It is possible for you to merge together up to three customer accounts, to avoid duplication of details and to consolidate users.

To start the Merging process:

  1. Go to Customers
  2. Click on "Actions"
  3. Choose " Merge data".
  4. This will then provide you with the Merge Customer screen
  5. Select up to three customers from the relevant table (Purchaser or Participant).

As soon as you have selected the first person, you will see an additional table appear below.

  1. Customer first name
  2. Customer surname
  3. Customer email address
  4. Customer created date
  5. Select Customers checkboxes
  6. First selected Customer
  7. Second selected Customer
  8. Third selected Customer
  9. Profile fields
  10. Customer data
  11. Remove Customer option
  12. Merged results

Once you have selected your Customer to merge:

  1. Select one customer to be the "Master" record, by clicking on the Customer Reference
  2. You will see the details update in the Merged results section.
  3. To select details from another profile, click on the relevant field
  4. Once you are happy with the results, click on the green Merge button in the bottom left of the screen
  5. On the prompt, click "Yes"

Once you have started the process, a task will run in the background of the Booking Live system to merge the customer data.