Calendar Overview

The Admin Calendar allows you to quickly and easily keep track of all your orders. You can view calendars for a day, week or month view. Events on the calendar are colour coded based on the status of the event.

The calendar has many features including:

  • View and manage events
  • View and manage orders and customers
  • Manage waiting lists
  • Check-in customers
  • Send SMS and Email notifications
  • Allocate resources

Calendar Views

There are four views that can be used with the Admin Calendar:

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year

The Day, Week and Month views all work int he same way, just with different timescales. You can see when events are running on the days as seen in the images below.
The Year view shows days that have events running (highlighted in yellow), and you can hover over the day to see a simple list of the events that are running on that day.

An event which lasts less than a day appear on the Day and Week Calendar views next to their corresponding Start and End times. Multi-Day Events that take place over consecutive days are displayed at the top of the views.

Day View

Week View

Month View

Year View

Event Icons/Information

As you can see from the above images, events are shown with different colours and with various icons/info boxes on them.

Grey EventsEvents that have no bookings
Blue EventsEvents that have Bookings
Green box in bottom-right of eventBooking information Available Spaces / Pending Orders / Event Capacity
Red box in bottom-right of eventIndicates that this event is below the Products "Minimum Attendance Level"
Yellow "S"Indicates that there are Staff assigned to this Event
Blue "W"Indicates that there are People on the Event's Waiting List

Calendar Filters

As you can see from the images above, the Admin Calendar has a series of filters on the left-hand side of the screen. These filters can be used to quickly de-clutter the calendar, especially if you have a lot of events running on your system.

Filter nameOptionsDescription
Event ViewsFilters events based on bookings

Show AvailableOnly shows Events that have availability remaining

Show BookedOnly shows events that have bookings

Show Both(Default) Shows both of the above options
LocationsOnly shows events running at the selected location(s)
Resource(Requires Location filter to be in use) Only shows events running at the selected Resource(s)
ProductsOnly shows events of the selected Product(s)
PresentationChanges how Bookings are grouped.

Per Time(Default) Groups bookings by Timeslot/Event

Per OrderGroups bookings by Order

Per PersonGroups bookings by Participant (note: This also displays the Participant name)

Manage an Event

To manage events click on the event and click Manage. A pop-up will appear. Within this section you have the following functionality:

  1. Make a new booking
    To add a booking click New Booking. This will take you to the booking page where you simply follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. Send SMS and Email notifications
    Clicking this button allows you to send messages to all Participants booked on to an Event. If you want to leave a Participant out of the message simply input their name in to the Sen to all except field. To message one Participant click Message next to their details on the Manage Event page.
  3. Check in
    Once Participants have turned up for an event you can tick them off the check in list to record their attendance.
  4. Waiting List
    If you have this feature set up you'll be able to view the participant details of those booked on to the Waiting List within this section.
  5. Resourcing
    To assign staff members to an Event simply type their name in to the Staffing box and click Save