Prerequisites are short  statements that must be agreed to before a customer can complete a booking.

Prerequisites, within BookingLive, can be set up on a Per-Product, Per Resource, or System-wide basis, depending on the specific requirements that are needed for their use.

Site-wide example:

  • "I confirm that the details I have provided are correct and up to date"

Per-Product example:

  • I confirm that to attend this Lifeguard Course, I must be able to swim 50m unaided.

Per-Resource example:

  • I confirm that I have read the hire agreements for the hire of this Hall.

How to Setup Prerequisites

  1. Go to Settings > Products > Product Pre-Rrequisites [tab]
  2. Click Add Prerequisite
  3. Enter all information on screen
  4. Click "Save"

To set the Prereq to be system-wide, check the "Default" option when saving the Prereq.

To link theis Prereq to specific Resources and/or Products, then you can use the two tabs to find and link this Prereq to the appropriate items.

The Description text can include HTML tags, such as links to other pages and so forth.

Importing Prerequisites

The following fields are mandatory for an Import:

  • Name - The internal name for the prerequisite.
  • Website Prerequisite Text - The publicly displayed content for this prereq.

The following additional fields can be used in addition:

  • Code
  • Default - 1 or 0