Navigate to "Page Editor" section on the Navigation Tabs. To manage and edit any of the existing pages of the site, select the page from the site tree in the Tree Management section or you can add a new page by clicking on the "Add new" button.

To link a page to a product, click the "Linked Item" tab and select the product.

How to Modify Page Content

Under the content tab, the first field is for the Page Name - this will define what the page will be known as in the CMS, but it will also be used to form the "default" navigation label and URL for the page, though the navigation label and URL can be changed manually and can be different to the page name.

Below the first field, you will find the URL Segment where you can specify the path to this page. Click on the 'Edit' button to change and click 'OK' when you're done.

The Navigation Label, underneath the URL Segment, defines the page label that will be seen in the site navigation of the public-facing front page of your site. If you fill in the Page Name first, it will automatically put the page name in the navigation label field. It is usually, but not always, a good idea to leave it the same. If you wish to change the navigation label but not the page name, you can do so here.

Finally, there is the Content Box (a text-area element). This will contain the bulk of text to appear on your webpage. Type the text that will appear in the page on the Website. You can also use the formatting toolbar at the top of the Content Box in order to format your page the way you would prefer.

Continue to modify the content using the page editor. Once the "Save and publish" button is pressed, that information will go out to the live web.

Page Layouts

We support a number of page layouts as standard. These let you dynamically make up the page content, and put widgets where you desire. In all layouts, header and footer are fixed. All included layouts, support responsive design - Working by stacking blocks under each other from 1 at top, to highest number at bottom.

We currently support 5 layouts, which should cover most of your needs. These can be changed via the CMS Editor for each individual page.