A User Defined Form allows you to include a customiseable form on your site, which will collect responses.

How to setup a User Defined Form

  1. Login  into your Booking Live System
  2. Go to the Page Editor and click the Add new green button
  3. Choose "User Defined Form" and choose where you would like the page in
  4. Click Create in the bottom left corner

  1. The page Name (The title of the page)
  2. The page's URL
  3. Navigation Label (The name of the page within Menus and such)
  4. The page Content (Note: This must include the merge tag "$UserDefinedForm" to include the form on the page)
  5. Page Javascript (inserted into the HTML, just before the /body tag)
  6. Page Javascript (inserted into the HTML, inside the head tags)
  7. Allows for custom CSS to be included in the page.

Form Fields

The Form can be designed to be split across multiple pages, by including "Page Break" sections.

The field options that can be included are:

Field NameExample
Checkbox Field
(Subscribe) Checkbox Field
Checkbox Group
Country Dropdown
Date Field
Dropdown Field
Email Field
Email field with default
HTML Block
Member List Field
Numeric Field
Radio Group
Save buttonProvides a Submit Button on the current page
Masked Text field
Text Field
Text field with keyword default

How to preview the page

You can preview the page by one of the following options:

  1. Clicking on the URL Segment, which will open up the page in a new tab.
  2. Clicking on the  Edit button in the bottom right of the editor window, and then choosing either the Split Mode or  Preview Mode.

How to publish the page

To publish the page, click on "Save and Publish" in the bottom-left of the screen.