About the Mail Chimp Add-on

The Mail Chimp add-on for Booking Live allows you to sign up customers to a Mail Chimp mailing list.
Note: You can only register people onto a single mailing list.

Setting up the Mailchimp add-on

Before you can set things up within the Booking Live system, you must first create a Mailing List within Mail Chimp. Once you have set up the mailing list, you will need to get the API Key and ListID.
Once you have got these details, you can enter them into the booking system.

The final step is to add a field onto the Booking Form for people to sign up - usually this is on the Purchaser Booking form, but it can be included in any booking for where you collect an email address.

  1. Go to Settings > Add-ons
  2. Check the checkbox "On Checkout Mailchimp Subscribe"
  3. Enter the Mailchimp API Key
  4. Enter the Mailchimp ListID
  5. Go to Settings > Booking Pages > Booking Forms
  6. Select the relevant Booking Form
  7. Click " Add Booking Form"
  8. Provide a suitable label, such as "Sign me up for..."
  9. Select Type: Marketing Permission.
  10. Click " Save and close"