Booking Live is capable of exporting data fromt he booking system to your Sage50 system. This section of the manual will guide you through how to configure the various settings and utilise the Sage50 report.

Setting up Sage50

To activate the Sage50 settings, complete the following steps:

  • Go to Settings > Add-Ons > Sage50
  • You can then activate the Sage50 Report, which will add it to your list of available Reports.
  • Ensure that the Accounting Codes have been filled out for all options on the Sage50 Addons screen.
  • Go to Settings > Finances
  • In this section, you can set up the various Accounting Codes that are used by Products.
  • Once you have set up your required Accounting Codes, you will then need to assign them to Products.
  • Go to the settings for a Product, on the Advanced tab, you will see an option to select the appropriate Accounting Code from the list you have just set up.

Reviewing the Sage50 report

To view the Sage50 Report:

  • Go to the Reports section of the Admin System.
  • Select "Sage50" from the list of available Reports.
  • Once the report has loaded, select the relevant date range using the filters provided.
  • You can then export the Sage50 report, using the button to the top-right of the report screen.