Attributes can be utilised to add additional details to your products, without having to use the Product Description. If you have a series of one- or two-word keywords for you different products, then Attributes could be used to display these.



Using Attributes

Attributes can be used in two main ways:

  • Defined
    • When you have a predefined list of all of your attributes, and you only choose from those Attributes.
    • Example: Skill levels, duration, tutor
  • Ad-hoc
    • Add attributes as needed to your products.
    • Example: Topics

Attribute Groups

Attributes can be grouped together, which allow you to more easily organise your attributes and display them to your customers.

Enabling Attributes

To enable the use of Attributes, you will need to go into:

  • Settings
  • General Settings
  • System
  • Scroll down until you see: “Show Attributes On Product”

Defining Attribute Groups

To define an Attribute Group, go to:

  • Settings
  • Products
  • Attribute Group tab

Click on the “Add Attribute Group” button and provide a name for the Group. Once this is done, click “Save and Close”

Defining Attributes

To define Attributes, go to:

  • Settings
  • Products
  • Attribute tab

Click on “Add Attribute”. In this section, you can provide a Name for the Attribute, assign it to a Group, and provide an Image/Icon to identify the Attribute. Once you are happy, click “Save and Close”.

Adding an Attribute to a Product

To add an Attribute to a product, go to:

  • Settings
  • Products
  • Select your Product
  • Attributes tab

In this section, you can either use the “Find Attributes by Value” option to find an Attribute that you have already created, or use the “Add Attribute” to add an Ad-hoc attribute to this product.