Product Pricing is the function for BookingLive to provide a series of different Pricing options for the same product.

Additionally, these pricing options can be used to distinguish different types of participants (with the same pricing, or different pricing) and also to present different Booking Forms on the Billing Page.

Adding product Pricing

To add some Product pricing to a Product, you will need to first go into the settings for the Product in Question, and then click on the Product Pricing tab.

Within this section, you will see an "Add Product Pricing" button. This will provide you with the various options available.

NameThis is the internal name for the Product Pricing, which allows you to identify it within the Admin System.
Display NameThis is how the Product Pricing option will be displayed to the Customer.
Template SetIf defined, this allows you to set which Booking Form is used for Participants who are using this Pricing Point.
PriceThis is the Net Price for this pricing option.
Accounting CodeThis is where you set if this price has VAT applied against it or not. Alternatively, if your Payment Gateway requires Accounting Codes, this is where you define which one is used.

Note: Mandatory fields are highlighted