The Admin system is pre-loaded with Booking Form Fields such as "First Name", "Country". However, there are times that you may want to collect information that is not available from this list. To collect this additional data, you can create Custom Fields.

  1. During the process of adding a new Booking Field, select the Type "Custom Field (New)"
  2. Provide other settings as required for this field.
  3. Click " Save"
  4. Provide a Name for this Custom Field (will allow you to find it again for re-use)
  5. Select the applicable Type for this new field. These are:
        Text - This field will allow the user to write a short string of letters & numbers. Ideal for codes and names.
        Textarea - This field will allow the user to write a lot more information This is ideal for longer answers such as Medical Information.
        Options - This field offers a drop down of options to the customer. Ideal for multiple choice questions. See below to learn how to do this
        Date - This field shows an intractable calendar.
        Numeric - This field will allow the user to type in a range of numbers only. This is ideal for phone numbers, codes that only take numbers.
  6. If you are using Type: Options, click " Save".
    1. To add new options, click " Add Custom Field Option"
    2. Provide the Option title.
    3. Click " Save and close".
    4. Repeat steps 6.1 onward as required.
  7. Once you are happy with your custom field settings, click " Save and close"