There are several settings that can be utilised alongside the Childcare Voucher system.

Child Care Voucher Message

This rich text field allows you to provide additional information for the customer when paying by Childcare Vouchers. This information appears on the Billing Page, in the highlighted area:

This field is often used to explain to customers how to use the CCV system, or provide the CCV reference numbers for CCV Providers.

Voucher providers

By Default, the CCV system will have a set of common CCV providers, and will let a customer enter in any text they wish into the CCV field on the Billing Page. The system will provide the common Providers in a Dropdown list, which can then be selected by the customer:

Within the Childcare Vouchers settings in the Admin system, you are able to tell the system to only accept the names of CCV providers from the list you have provided (thus preventing the customer from entering a name other than is on the list). This is done by checking the "Only Allow The Specified Providers" checkbox:

The table of Voucher Providers can be edited to include or exclude certain providers.

To remove providers, simply click on the red cross icon on the right hand side of the table.

To add new providers, click on "Add Voucher Provider".

On the following Screen, provide the Name of the voucher Provider in the "Organisation Name" field, and set the "Type" to "ChildCare", then click "Save and Close"