This feature will allow you to split out a Resource into a series of smaller sub-resources. Sub-Resources can be chained down as far as is required, having sub-resources of sub-resources.

Example: A Training Centre

In this example, the Location is a Training Centre, which has a large Hall, and three rooms that can be booked by the Training Department.

Scenario 1

The Hall can be split into two sections: Side A and Side B.

If someone books onto something that uses the entire Hall, then any events at the same time for either Side A or Side B will not be available.
Alternatively, if someone books onto Side A, then you will not be able to book out the entire Hall at the same time, but you will still be able to book out Side B.

Scenario 2

The Training Department has three main rooms available: Rooms 101, 102, and 103.

Room 102 can be split into two subsections (102a and 102b). Additionally, you can book out the "Training Department" as a whole, but this is only for Rooms 101 and 102, Room 103 is on a different floor, and thus is not affected by booking out the Department.