About Feedback Forms

Using the Feedback system of Booking Live, you can automatically send out Feedback Forms to your attendees.

To set up your Feedback forms fully, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Set up your Feedback Form(s)
  2. Link the Forms to your Products
  3. Ensure that you have a Feedback Request Notification set up
  4. Ensure that you include this email in a Timeline
  5. Link the Timeline to your Products.

Setting up a Feedback Form

First you may need to turn feedback on in Settings > Add-ons, then tick Enable Feedback

To set up a new Feedback From, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Products > Feedback Form
    1.1 http://site.bookinglive.com/admin/products/FeedbackTemplate
  2. Click " Add Feedback Form"
  3. Provide a Name.
  4. Click " Save"

Once you have saved your Feedback Form, you can start linking it to Products and Notifications, as well as adding Feedback Fields.

To add Feedback Fields:

  1. Open the relevant Feedback Form
  2. Click " Add Feedback Field"
  3. Provide a Name for the Field (will also be used as the label when presented to the Customer)
  4. Select a Type (see below).
  5. Slick " Save and close"

Feedback Field Types

TextA simple text box to enter a small amount of text
TextareaA larger text box to enter an amount of text
DropDownOptionProvide several options for the customer to choose from
StarRatingProvide a 1-5 star rating

Setting up Feedback Emails

Once you have set up your Feedback Forms, you will then need to ensure that there is a Feedback Email set up.
By default, Booking Live has a Default Feedback Request email which can be used.

You will need to ensure that you include the Content Block: Feedback Request in the notification for it to be sent properly.

Once you have configure your Feedback Request email, you will then need to include it in a Timeline event. See the Timeline page for more details.