This is an internal process for approving domains to send emails from a whitelabel email address via sendgrid. This will only need to be done of the client requires that use their own domain for their noreply email address. If they don’t, the noreply email address will be set up the system.  

  • Before setting up a Sendgrid authentication, the Project Manager will need to ask the client to add a SPF record to their domain following the instructions here:

  • Once the client confirms this has been done, the Project Manager will need to ask Support or the Development team if they can see that the SPF record has been published for the client. 

  • Once the Project Manager gets confirmation that the SPF record has been added to the client domain, the authentication can be set up on Sendgrid following the steps below:

    • Log in to sendgrid and go to sender authentication

    • Click Get Started.

    • Choose the DNS host. If the client doesn't know, check here

    • Email the CNAME records to the client and ask them to update them in their domain DNS (can take up to 48 hours)

    • Once done, click Verify

    • Within BookingLive, ensure email footers contain a small link to our site: "Powered by BookingLive"

Please note: Do not set up a Sendgrid sub account unless the client requires it and want to manage and access their own sendgrid account for marketing purposes. If you wish to set up a sub account, please use this process document or check

full guide from sendgrid here