A Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) Payment Gateway allows Admin Users of the BookingLive system, to take payments over the phone from customers without the cardholder and their card being present in your place of business.

Within the BookingLive system, you are able to make a booking on behalf of a customer if they, for example, rang you up. 

This is done when you're logged into your admin system via yourdomain.bookinglive.com/admin.

To set up this within your system, just copy the initial setup guide for your chosen payment gateway and duplicate this within the system. This will mean you'll then have 2 Payment Gateways within your system, but one being MOTO.

Instead of choosing "Is Default" you will need to choose "MOTO" instead. It's also a good idea to add the word "MOTO" to the end of the name. This means, when you're finished it should look like this (as an example):