At the moment we send the following data out via webhooks.

Order Information:

Order Created Date

Order Status

Order Reference

Net Total

Gross Total
Tax Total

Payment Gateway Reference


Transaction Name

Transaction Type




Promo Name

Promo Code

Discount Amount

Order Item Information:

OrderItem Created Date

Orderitem ID

Orderitem Net Total

Orderitem Gross Total

Orderitem Tax Total

Accounting Codes:

Accounting Code Name

Accounting Code

Fund Code


Resource Name

Location Name

Location Post Code

Product Name

Product ID

Product Description

Event Start Datetime

Event End Datetime

Orderitem ID

Order Notes

Purchaser Information:

All fields on the Purchaser template

Participant Information:

All fields on the Participant template

This information is sent as JSON, and looks like: 



     "Created":"2018-11-29 10:55:53",



















           *"Name":"Package Test A.2",*








              "Created":"2018-11-29 10:55:53",

















Allow customers to book at multiple locations<\/p>",

                 "StartDateTime":"2018-12-07 10:00:00",

                 "EndDateTime":"2018-12-07 11:00:00",










     "PurchaserName":"Sarah Zachary Johansen",

     "PurchaserAddressTEXT":"2 5 Ferrari Street, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, TK6 7XL, United Kingdom",

     "PurchaserPhone":"012345 596699 \/ 07555666",



        "Custom Field (new)":"Kosher",

        "Custom Field (Text)":"Text Value",

        "Custom Field (Textarea)":"Text Value",

        "Custom Field (Options)":"Custom Field Option 1",

        "Custom Field (Date)":"1972-09-02",

        "Custom Field (Numeric)":"8"









        "Custom Field (Text)":"Text Value",

        "Custom Field (Textarea)":"Text Value",

        "Custom Field (Options)":"5",

        "Custom Field (Date)":"1972-09-02",

        "Custom Field (Numeric)":"8",