This article will be useful if your business operates from multiple locations and requires each location to have payment directed to different bank accounts.


1) Customers may be able to add multiple events from multiple locations into one basket. If Point 2 below is not considered, the system will push all payment to the first selected gateway.

2) By utilising the "1 location per order" basket restriction, this will ensure if a customer places an item in the basket, the basket will now be locked down. This means, anyone attempting to put other events into their basket from other locations will no longer be accepted.

e.g. Customers can only book onto event at the one location at a time.

Creating a payment gateway:

Please follow the instruction guides for your particular gateway 

Once you have entered all the required information you will then be able to select the location to which the gateway is active for.  Scrolling to the bottom of the payment gateway setup page you will be presented with the location options.

- This can either be a global setting and all products go to this gateway (IE left blank)


- One location to one gateway

If your business utilizes MOTO - you will need to set this up as well for each location