This type of Voucher can be used to provide a free booking for another customer e.g a gift or a prize. 

To create a new Voucher you'll need to complete the following steps from your Admin menu:

  1. Settings > Products > Actions > Add Product
  2. Enter a name and select Voucher from the Type drop down box
  3. Choose a pricing scheme and subsite if you have these options available
  4. Save and Close and click your created voucher from the list of products

Now you have a Voucher product you can set up the product it relates to

  1. Having clicked into your Voucher, Select Filter Product from the Voucher Filters drop down
  2. Select the Product it relates to from the drop down box, click Save and Close
  3. Fill in the Min and Max Voucher fields to set the limits for how many vouchers can be purchased
  4. Enter the Effective Days to set how long the voucher is valid for once purchased 
  5. Enter your desired Price
  6. All other settings are optional and can be completed as required
  7. Click Save and Close