Follow these steps to create a Customer report.

  1. Settings > Reports > Select the type of report you'd like to generate
  2. Click Create to the right of the Saved Views drop down box
  3. Input a View Name for future reference
  4. Click + under Data and select the data you want to view, repeat this step to build up all the items required in the report
  5. Complete additional Settings and set any required user Permissions
  6. Click Save

You will now be able to see the new Report View in the drop down list. Please use the following table to establish what data you can view in each report:

Data ItemAttendeesOrdersEventsPaymentsVolume
Product Name(s)

Participant [Fieldname]

Purchaser [Fieldname]

Type - [Fieldname]




Order Reference

Order Status

Product Group

(Event) Start Date Time

(Event) End Date Time


Order Date

Order Value

Order Paid

Order Source

Order Modified Date

Order Outstanding

Order Comments/Notes

Total Value


Event Group Code
How Did You Hear About Us?

Age On Event Date

Accounting Code

Product Pricing Chosen

Order IP Address



Tax / VAT

Order Charges

Resource Type


Publish Date Time

Unpublish Date Time

Attendees Booked

Attendees Checked In

Minimum Attendance Limit

(Event) Capacity

(Payment) Date

(Payment) Time

(Payment) Type

(Payment) Method

Transaction Id

Transaction Processed By

Transaction Description

WorldPay Transaction ID

Event Dates

Volume Date

New Users

Return Customer

Total Orders

Total Order Items

Orders Cancelled