After you're familiar with the concept of Sub-Resources and know how to set up a Resource, please follow these steps from your Admin menu to set up Sub Resources.

  1.  Use the How to set up Locations and Resources guide to set up all the relevant Resources e.g Hall, Hall Side A and Hall Side B
  2.  Go to Settings > Resources
  3. Select your Parent Resource e.g Hall
  4. Click the Resources option from the top bar.
  5. Type the Sub Resource name in the Find Resources by Type, Name, Location box in the top right corner
  6. Select a Resource e.g Hall Side A
  7. Click Link Existing
  8. Repeat this for all the Resources associated e.g Hall Side B
  9. Click Save and close

These resources will now share capacity e.g if Hall Side A and/or Hall Side B are booked whole Hall will no longer be available to book