You can implement a deposit payment scheme based on set time frames using a Timeline event. You can create this in a new timeline or add it to an existing one, start at Step 4 if you want to add it into an existing timeline.  

To set this up complete the following steps from your Admin menu.

  1. Click Settings > Products > Timeline
  2. Click + Add Timeline
  3. Enter a Name, Click Save
  4. Click + Add Timeline Event
  5. From the Type drop down box select ChangePaymentRequired 
  6. From the Relative To drop down box select FirstEventDate 
  7. From the Relative Direction drop down box select Before 
  8. Set the Relative Time, Click Save
  9. Enter the amount you'd want the customer to pay as a deposit in the Payment Fixed Amount Required box
  10. Choose between Order Total or Individual Items from the Calculate Payment based on drop down box
  11. Click Save and close

If you would like to ensure this happens globally Tick Default > Save and close

The customer will have a choice to either pay the full amount or the deposit amount at the check out. If the customer selects to pay the deposit only, they'll have the option to pay the remaining balance in their MyAccount area.

Note - There are additional settings in Settings > General Settings that relate to Timeline Events.

Below is an example of a Timeline Event that would allow the customer to pay a £5 deposit when booking onto an event over 2 weeks before the event date:

Note - Using deposits on a product with a Mandatory Upsell attached will also require a deposit amount for the Upsell