This function works alongside the Multi Event product and can be used to offer follow on events to customers, these events are not available to be booked unless the first series of events has been attended. e.g.

You have two different skill levels of a Swimming course, level one and level two, in order to attend level two you must first attend level one. This functionality will offer customers, via MyAccount, the option to book level two courses automatically after having completed level one. On the front end it is not possible to book level two without already having completed level one, this could be permanent or for a specified amount of time before the product becomes available to everyone else. This could also be used as priority offering, say you wanted to offer customers who attended a certain event first dibs on a follow up event before it goes out to the general public.

Please follow these steps from your Admin menu to set this up, you will first require a Multi Event product to set this up on and the relevant events created for the initial series of events and the subsequent follow up events:

  1. Click Settings > Products > The relevant Multi Event product
  2. Click Product Event Order
  3. Click +Add Product Event Order
  4. Set Status to On
  5. Set Next Event Open Date
  6. Set Next Event Close Date
  7. Set Last Event Date
  8. Set Next Product
  9. Set Next Event
  10. Tick Update Event Publish Date

You can add multiple levels to this using the +Add Product Event Order again if you want to implement further follow on events.  

The following show an example of how a set up would look in the Admin side of BookingLive and how that would offer the event to the customer in their MyAccount.