Follow these steps from your Admin menu to add a new Product Display Widget or add a new Product to an existing Widget:

  1. Click Page Editor > Pages
  2. Select the page you want your Widget on
  3. Click Add/Remove Widgets
  4. Locate the Product Display widget from the Widget Picker
  5. Drag the Widget into the green content block using the 4 black lines in the top corner of the widget
  6. Select the Create New radio button
  7. Enter a Name for this Widget, once named it can be replicated across multiple pages
  8. Select a Display Method
  9. Select an Ordered By option for the order you'd like the products to be displayed within the display
  10. Complete the Locations, Product Groups or Manual Product Selection area depending on your Display Method selection
  11. If using the Display Manual List Display Method use the Find Products box to search for the products you want to add then select the product from Results box
  12. Click Save
  13. Click Save & publish to make this live on the customer facing page
  14. The Product image and Description that displays on the front end is set in the Product settings for each product

To add new products to an existing widget follow these steps from your Admin menu:

  1. Click Page Editor > Pages
  2. Select the page with the Widget on
  3. Click the Settings cog to the top right hand corner of the Widget
  4. Complete steps 10 on wards from the above guide