What is the "booking journey?"

What we refer to as the "booking journey" is the process that a customer to your site sees and is involved with when they want to make a booking.
The booking journey is made up of 7 major steps (some of which can be removed if required). These are:

  1. Your website
  2. The booking page
  3. The basket page
  4. Login page
  5. The billing page
  6. Billing admin / Payment gateway
  7. Confirmation screen

The following process flow diagram shows the user’s booking journey for all product types, except the registrar appointment workflows. The only major difference being the booking views.

There are additional parts to some of these pages, as explained below:

1 - Your website

Your website contains all of the information about your products and services that are provided to the customer.
For more details, please visit the Page Editor help page.

2 - The booking page

The booking page contains all of the various options and details about what the customer is about to book onto.

  1. The product's name
  2. The product's image
  3. The product's description
  4. The product's price
  5. The product's Booking View
  6. Any Event Upsells or Physical Items linked to this product
  7. The current Order Items / the Order Summary
  8. Any FAQs that are linked to this product.

Most of the settings for this page are controlled by the Product Settings.

3 - The basket page

The Basket Page shows the customer the current contents of their order, and applies any discounts that are applicable based upon the current basket contents.

  1. The current Order Items
  2. The Basket Total (pre-discounts)
  3. The Order Total (post-discounts)
  4. Promo Code entry area
  5. Any FAQs.

If there are any Promotions that are applicable, these will be displayed between sections 2 and 3.

4 - The login page

Before the customer can make a payment, they must first provide their email address.

If this is the customer's first visit to the site, then they will progress onto the next page. If they have already made an order on this booking system, then they are asked to log in with their account, so their details will be provided on the Billing Page.
For more details, please visit the MyAccount help page.

5 - The billing page

The Billing Page is where the Booking Forms are presented to the customer.

  1. The purchaser booking form
  2. The participant booking form(s)
  3. Comments, which appear in the Order Notes
  4. Any Prerequisites linked to the product
  5. If the product can be paid for with Child Care Vouchers, customers can redeem their vouchers here.
  6. This section shows the customer which Payment Gateway will be used to process payments
  7. The order summary
  8. The order item total
  9. The order total
  10. The final total (after promotions)

6 - Billing admin / Payment Gateway

The billing admin page or payment gateway is where the payment is taken from the customer to complete the booking transaction.
The billing admin page is only available to Administrators, which allows you to make modifications to the payments and such.
Customers will generally be passed to the relevant Payment Gateway to process the payments.

For more details, please visit the Finances help page.

7 - The confirmation screen

The confirmation screen lets the customer know that the payment and booking have been processed successfully and provides a printable confirmation sheet.