Some payment gateways require additional configuration. Please follow the guide below to configure your payment gateway correctly.

How to Setup Fifth Dimension

  1. Go to Settings > Finances > Payment Settings
  2. Click "Add Payment Setting"
  3. Provide a (Internal) Name and a Display Name (The display name appears in the dropdown on the Billing Page)
  4. Choose "Fifth Dimension" for the Payment Setting Type
  5. Choose "Test" for the Live Test option
  6. Check "Is Default"
  7. Click "Save"
  8. Check the relevant options for which Cards your gateway is set to recieve.
  9. You can Provide a Refund Policy, which appears on the Billing Page.
  10. Enter the Fifth Dimension Gateway details:
    10.1 Fifth Dimension Key
  11. Click "Save and Close"

Repeat steps 2 onwards to add a MOTO gateway for Admin bookings. Note: For the MOTO Gateway, instead of checking "Is Default", check "MOTO" instead.