Start a new order
All orders created have standard website behaviour applied to them so they will be Pending until completed via the API and will be set to Aborted in the standard way along with all others. This standard is around 20 minutes from the last action.


URL Parameters

 Field TypeDescription
TypeStringAPI that will be called
PayloadURL_ENCODEDA URL encoded JSON array 
HashString Varchar sha256 encoded string. Read how to create payload and hashstring 

Payload Parameters

 Field TypeDescription
 - FirstName  StringFirstname of purchaser
 - LastName  String Lastname of purchaser 
 - Email  Email Email of purchaser 
OrderItems array() 
 - ProductIDIntegerID of the product you are booking
 - ProductClassNameStringthis is the type of the product that you are booking. 
 - EventIDIntegerId of the event that will be booked
 - QuantityIntegerHow many participants

Success 200

ReferenceVarchar Reference of the order is created successfully
Errorsarray() If empty then the call is successful

Error 4xx

 - Code IntNumber of error
 - Error StringError message
  •  Error-Response: 
  •     HTTP/1.1 200 OK
          "Errors": [
    	  	{"Code":"403", "Error":"Product not found"},
    		{"Code":"104",  "Error":"Ooops, the event slots are not available"},
    		{"Code":"107",  "Error":"Resource is unavailable at this time, please select another time"},
    		{"Code":"111",  "Error":"Please complete all required product options to complete the booking."},
    		{"Code":"115",  "Error":"Please select a quantity for the main product."},
    		{"Code":"304",  "Error":"Quantity of 1 is allowed in the basket for this product"},