This method returns details on a requested order.

URL Parameters

 Field TypeDescription
TypeStringAPI that will be called
PayloadURL_ENCODEDAn URL encoded JSON array 
HashString Varchar sha256 encoded string. Read how to create payload and hashstring 

Payload Parameters

 Field TypeDescription
ReferenceVarcharOrder reference 

Success 200

CreatedDateThe date the order was created
StatusStringOrder Status (e.g. Completed)
ReferenceStringReference of the order
NetTotalDoubleTotal amount of the order without Tax
GrossTotalDoubleTotal of amount including the Tax
TaxTotalDoubleTax Total
EmailNotificationBooleanCan emails be sent for this order?
SMSNotificationStringCan sms be sent for this order?
Transactionarray()Array of all transaction done for this order 
including the payment gateway and type of 
 - TypeStringType of the payment (CARD,CASH and etc)  
 - CodeVarcharCode of transaction
 - VendorStringPayment gateway
 - AmountDouble
 - PaymentGatewayReferenceVarchar
OrderItemsarray()Array of orderitems in the order
Notes array() All notes added for this order
  •  Success-Response: 
  •     HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    	  "Created": "2020-01-14 11:35:26",
    	  "Status": "Completed",
    	  "Reference": "REF-200004-DAR",
    	  "NetTotal": "15.00",
    	  "GrossTotal": "18.00",
    	  "TaxTotal": "3.00",
    	  "EmailNotification: 1,
    	  "SMSNotification: 0,
    	  "Transactions": [
    		  "Name": null,
    		  "Type": "Card",
    		  "Code": "",
    		  "Vendor": "SagePay",
    		  "Amount": "18.00",
    		  "PaymentGatewayReference": "REF-200004-DAR"
    		"op_test_status": "booked"
    			"Created": "2020-01-14 11:35:27",
    			"NetTotal": "15.00",
    			"TaxTotal": "3.00",
    			  "Name": "Tax",
    			  "AccountingCode": "BLTAX",
    			  "FundCode": "BLTAX"
    			  "ResourceName": "",
    			  "LocationName": "Bristol",
    			  "LocationPostCode": "PostCode",
    			  "ProductName": "Carting",
    			  "ProductID": 4,
    			  "ProductDescription": "Allow customers to book at multiple locations",
    			  "StartDateTime": "2020-01-24 10:00:00",
    			  "EndDateTime": "2020-01-24 11:00:00",
    			  "OrderItemID": 4,
    			  "PreTime": 0,
    			  "PostTime": 0

Error 4xx

 - Code IntNumber of error
 - Error StringError message
  •  Error-Response: 
  •     HTTP/1.1 200 OK
          "Reference": ""
          "Errors": [
    	  	{"Code":"403", "Error":"Product not found"},
    		{"Code":"104",  "Error":"Ooops, the event slots are not available"},
    		{"Code":"107",  "Error":"Resource is unavailable at this time, please select another time"},
    		{"Code":"111",  "Error":"Please complete all required product options to complete the booking."},
    		{"Code":"115",  "Error":"Please select a quantity for the main product."},
    		{"Code":"304",  "Error":"Quantity of 1 is allowed in the basket for this product"},