This method takes order items in the payload and returns order information or nothing


URL Parameters

 Field TypeDescription
TypeStringAPI that will be called
PayloadURL_ENCODEDAn URL encoded JSON array 
HashString Varchar sha256 encoded string. Read how to create payload and hashstring 

Payload Parameters

 Field TypeDescription
ReferenceVarcharOrder reference
OrderItems array() 
 - ProductIDIntegerID of the product you are booking
 - ProductClassNameStringThis is the "type" of the product that you are booking.
 - EventIDIntegerID of the event that will be booked
 - QuantityIntegerHow many participants

Success 200

ReferenceStringReference of the order
TotalCostDoubleTotal amount of the order without the Tax
  •  Success-Response: 
  •     HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    	  "Reference": "ABC123",
    	  "TotalCost": "100.00",
    	  "Errors": []

Error 4xx

 - Code IntNumber of error
 - Error StringError message
  •  Error-Response: 
  •     HTTP/1.1 200 OK
          "Reference": ""
          "Errors": [
    	  	{"Code":"403", "Error":"Not found order"},
    		{"Code":"104",  "Error":"Ooops, the event slots are not available"},
    		{"Code":"107",  "Error":"Resource is unavailable at this time, please select another time"},
    		{"Code":"111",  "Error":"Please complete all required product options to complete the booking."},
    		{"Code":"115",  "Error":"Please select a quantity for the main product."},
    		{"Code":"304",  "Error":"Quantity of 1 is allowed in the basket for this product"},