This API Call is used to send an email and optionally an SMS to a customer.

SMSMessage are not required field. You need to have credits to use send SMS messages.

Message Name
To find out the name of the message we want to send, go to Admin -> Settings -> Notifications

Click on 'Custom Message' or 'SMS Messages' tab

You will see a list of custom message and the first column is the the name you need to use.


URL Parameters

 Field TypeDescription
TypeStringAPI that will be called
PayloadURL_ENCODEDAn URL encoded JSON array 
HashString Varchar sha256 encoded string. Read how to create payload and hashstring 

Payload Parameters

 Field TypeDescription
Reference VarcharOrder reference 
Message  Varchar ('Default Confirmation', 'Default Cancellation', 'Reminder Message')
SMSMessage  Varchar('Default SMS Confirmation', 'Default SMS Cancellation', 'Reminder SMS Message')

Success 200


Error 4xx

 - Code IntNumber of error
 - Error StringError message
  •  Error-Response: 
  •     HTTP/1.1 200 OK
          "Errors": [
    	  	{"Code":"12", Message not found"}
    		{"Code":"12", "Order not found"}