Allows an external "master" system to update a purchaser / customer details to reflect changes within that maser system.
This is often used along side systems that have

This currently assumes only one participant per event and use of the


  • Type=APIUpdateMemberByID
  • Payload (JSON encoded)
       ID - the ID of the Member
       TypeID - clarify the the ID of the Member '','SalesForce','OneAccount','DynamicsCRM' (i.e. OneAccountID)
       Title - Title of the Member
       FirstName - FirstName of the Member
       Surname - Surname of the Member
       Email - Email of the Member
  • HashString


Payload Data

"ID" : 123,
"TypeID" : "",
"Title" : "Mr",
"FirstName" : "George",
"Surname" : "Grenville",
"Email" : "",




  • If the number of events found doesn't match teh number of event IDs passed