General terms

Admin SystemAdmin Users will have back-end access to the Admin System for the purpose of managing bookings and maintaining data. Users are assigned into groups which have set permissions.
Booking formsBooking forms control the data collected from the end user (customer) when making the booking. Booking forms are created as part of the initial setup. Every product requires a booking form.
Booking viewsBooking views include the List, Calendar, Seven Day, Seven Day Season, Rooms & Venues and Session. Events will be displayed on these views.
Childcare VouchersIf enabled, Childcare Vouchers can be accepted as a method of payment for admin users and customers.
Data migrationIf included, BookingLive will ensure customer and booking data is migrated into booking system.
Deposits and payment timelineIf enabled, products can be configured to capture full payment or part payment at the point of booking.
Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS)If included, the EPOS is a point of sale till system that supports the booking system. It enables walk-ins to be booked onto events and checked-in with ease.
EventsAn event is the date and time that a product is available to be used or booked.
Frequently Asked QuestionsIf enabled, FAQs are available to the customer during the booking process and can be specific to the products being booked.
Google AnalyticsIf enabled, the Google Analytics add-on allows you to track and report on traffic to your booking system and any web pages added to your website.
JSON feedIf enabled, a JSON feed provides all product and event availability in XML format. BookingLive are responsible for providing the feed only.
LocationsEvents are setup to take place at locations. Locations can also be used to allow the user to filter and find products and events at specific locations.
Look & feel - brandingThe front-end of the booking system will be accessible to the public via the internet. The header, footer and CSS can be modified to match the look and feel of and existing website.
MailChimpIf enabled, the MailChimp add-on allows customers to sign up to a single MailChimp mailing list via the booking process.
Membership ProductsIf enabled, membership products can be set up to allow customers to purchase annual memberships for a fixed fee. Once active, the customer can login and book products at a different cost.
Minimum Attendance LevelA minimum attendance figure can be added to an event which will display on the Admin Calendar. The event colour will be red (for admins) should the number of bookings be above this figure. This gives the admin a quick reference to see which events are below the minimum level. No automated processes occur and the event will still go ahead even if the minimum attendance level is not met.
MyAccountCustomers (purchasers) can optionally login to a customer MyAccount. Within here they will have the option to view and edit bookings, complete outstanding payments and download documents and vouchers (if applicable).
NotificationsEmail and SMS notifications can be sent from the booking system as per the specified timeline. Typically this includes booking confirmations and reminders.
OrganisationsIf enabled, the Organisations module allows for user to be set up within organisations. Organisation Admins can manage bookings and users on behalf of that organisation.
Payment gatewayIf enabled, BookingLive can be integrated with a variety of payment service providers. It is the Client’s responsibility to choose a payment gateway, register for an account and manage all communications with the gateway provider.
PrerequisitesIf enabled and similar to the Terms and Conditions, additional prerequisites can be set up which the customer must accept before completing the booking.
Pricing schemesIf enabled, pricing schemes allow a product to have multiple prices without having to create duplicate products, such as off peak/peak pricing or adult/child pricing. Prices can be altered based upon the date of the event or the location.
Privacy PolicyA privacy policy must be provided to customers. It is advised that a reference to BookingLive’s Privacy Policy is included within this policy. BookingLive’s use of cookies is covered as part of the Privacy Policy.
ProductsProducts are the items available to book on the system. Individual product descriptions and images can be displayed alongside the product name.
ResourcesA resource is an item that will be used during the event and helps manage event capacity. Resources can be shared across events and locations.
Single Sign On (SSO): CustomersIf enabled, SSO gives the ability for customers to login to BookingLive My Account from a third party account using the BookingLive API.
Single Sign On (SSO): Admin usersIf enabled, SSO gives the ability for admin users to login to BookingLive Admin System from a third party account using the BookingLive API. This is achieved using OAUTH2 or OpenID Connect.
Sub sitesIf enabled, the subsites module allows Clients to create departments or service areas within the admin system. Staff users are allocated to a sub site which restricts them to viewing system and customer data that exist within that sub site. Customers are also restricted to booking 1 product type per transaction. If subsites are used, they should be included within the products import.
Tax (VAT)Products can be inclusive or exclusive of Tax (VAT). If exclusive, the price advertised for the end user will be the cost before VAT.
Terms and ConditionsA link to the Terms and Conditions must be included which customers must accept as part of the booking journey. BookingLive are not responsible for the contents of the Terms and Conditions.
UpsellsIf enabled, upsells are optional extras for users to buy alongside the product being booked.
UsersA user is a person who will have access to the booking system. Typically this is an administrator or customer.
VouchersIf enabled, vouchers can be sold for a monetary value or a specific item. The recipient can then redeem vouchers online.
Waiting listsIf enabled, waiting lists allow events that are fully booked to display a "Join Waiting List" link. The customer will complete a form that adds their information to a waiting list for the event. No payment will be taken and administrators will use this information to communicate to those customers. Waiting lists are available for the list and calendar views on single/multi product types only.
WebhooksIf enabled, webhooks sends booking and customer data in JSON format and in real-time to an external URL. The external system will receive the data and import it correctly. Webhooks are sent upon a booking confirmation or update.
ZapierIf enabled, Zapier is an online service used to integrate data between different applications. BookingLive supports the use of Zapier and can send data to any apps available in the Zapier app store. It is the Client’s responsibility to organise the setup of Zapier.

System terms

LocationThe place where an event can take place
ResourceThe thing that is being used as part of the event
ProductThe thing that is being run during the event.
EventThe time and place where something (Product) is being run that can be booked onto.
OrderThe booking that contains all products and events, customer and transaction information.
PurchaserThe person who is making the booking.
ParticipantsThe people who are attending the event.
User GroupUsed to define permission sets and privileges within the system.
CapacityThe maximum number of bookings that can be made for this Event or Resource.

Product-related terms

Single EventA product where each Event stands alone from other events of the same product.
Multi-EventA product who's events are linked together and booked at the same time.
Room BookingA Product where you can book out a resource, regardless of capacity.
Template EventA product which runs for a fixed time, but can have flexible start times. Overall capacity is based on the Resource(s) being used.
Voucher ProductsA product which is purchased and a code is generated allowing a booking at a later time.
MembershipA product that applies a User Group whilst the membership is active.
UpsellSomething additional that can be purchased alongside a booking.
Physical ItemA product that can be purchased in addition to a booking, or by itself (e.g Books or T-shirts).

Booking-related terms

Booking JourneyThe steps involved in making a booking, starting with the Booking Page, ending with the Payment Gateway.
Booking FormThe information gathered during the booking process from the Purchaser and Participants.
Order ItemAn individual event that has been included in an order.
Fixed EventA fixed time & date for an Event to run on.
Available EventThe dates and times that a Resource is available for use.

Admin-related terms

PromotionsDiscounts applied to an order based on certain triggers.
Payment GatewayThis allows you to take payments online provided via a third party service such as PayPal, SagePay, WorldPay etc.
PageThis is your CMS and controls the content and look and feel of all web pages widgets, availability and more.
WidgetsThese are interactive blocks of content that you can place on pages and included google maps, testimonials, facebook feeds and more.
NotificationsMessages (E-mail or SMS) that are sent to users based upon certain triggers.