Go to Settings > Resources > Resource Availability > Actions > Create Resource Availability.

You will then be displayed with a pop up window, where you will need to put in the following information:

  • Choose the Resource
  • Choose the From & To Date
  • Choose the time it will run From and To
  • & finally choose the Day(s) of the week you’d like these events to run from

You’ll also have the option to add an “Event Description” - which can show within the email.

To be able to allow Admins to make a booking when it’s not available:

You will need to create availability for the “unavailable time” then edit each one after. We recommend this is done on an ad hoc basis.

You will need to create the Availability just like above then you will need to edit the Event you just created by pressing the Edit Icon.

You will then want to go to the “Visibility” tab in the top right, and change the drop down to “Restricted”.