Zapier has a few of its own terms:

  • Zap - A link between two Apps which has been set up by the user.

  • Trigger - The event that causes the Zap to happen (e.g Someone submits their Email address into a Hubspot Blog)

  • Action - What should happen with the data that has been captured by the Trigger (e.g Push this data into a particular MailChimp mailing list)

To create a Zap, the user must first set up a Zapier account. Zapier work on a Freemium model so this is completely free assuming the user doesn’t create too many Zaps. If they need to make multiple Zaps then a subscription is required.  (

At the moment our Zapier app is “Invite Only” - this is required when you first start with Zapier until you have at least 10 customers actively using your App. For this reason, a direct link is needed to our App in Zapier as we will not show up on their Marketplace. This is the link: 

Once you have a Zapier account you can follow this link to start setting up a Zap from BookingLive to whatever App you need (as long as it’s also on the Zapier Marketplace). 


The BookingLive app currently only supports pushing data OUT of BookingLive into another App, nothing can be pushed into BookingLive at this time.

We also only support the following Triggers:

  • On Order Creation

  • On Order Update

  • On Order Cancellation

  • On Customer Creation

  • On Customer Update

So if the user wished to set up a Zap, it needs to start with, for example, “On Order Creation…” you couldn't have “On report creation…”

The App which the data is pushed to will also have similar limitations. You may be limited to, for example, “Add data to existing mailing list” and not “Create new mailing list with this data”. This is something you’ll need to check, to ensure that what you want to do is possible.