Welcome to BookingLive v3.7. This is our first version to feature our new branding which was introduced earlier this year! But the product has received much more than just a coat of paint, keep reading to discover what else is new.


● All new AWS infrastructure

● Updated look for the admin system

● 'Inbox', our new way to communicate with you

● Numerous Optimisations

● Support for Global Payments IRIS

● New Dashboard modules

● Default blank option on multiple choice fields

● New Memberships module

● Pricing by Time Ranges

● Min/Max Quantities on Upsells

● Many, many fixes and other improvements


As part of this upgrade we have moved all our sites onto our new AWS infrastructure. This will 'auto-scale' so we will be able to better handle increases in web traffic. We have also taken the opportunity to update a number of the key frameworks used within our system to provide increased security and performance.


The admin system has been completely rebranded, and we've also made some changes to aid ease of use. One of the first you should notice are the changes to the top of the main menu. The page filters have also moved. These can now be found by clicking on the Magnifying Glass icon at the top of most screens


Our first major addition for v3.7. Through Inbox you will receive notifications, like this, of system upgrades, and completed system tasks like data exports or GDPR requests. As this feature grows, more communication will also become possible.


We’ve had a dashboard for years, but it had some very limited functionality. With 3.7 we’ve introduced some long overdue additional dashboard widgets. These cover orders and revenue, and are interactive to allow you to filter the information you see. These are not realtime, they update once a day, but they are a rolling snapshot of your system. If you have any particular things you’d like to see in your dashboard in the future then use the feedback form provided and tell us.


BookingLive has always supported a wide range of payment gateways and we can now add Global Payments’ IRIS to that list! If you’re thinking of using Global Payments please contact us for further information on how to set this up.


Memberships have been redesigned. We’ve stripped out a lot of the unused gumpf from our old memberships to offer users a much leaner, simpler user experience with, actually, more functionality. The full list of changes to this module are extensive and will be described in a separate document soon.


A widely requested addition to our Room Booking module. This new pricing calculation allows you to set different hourly prices to different time bands. This means you can set peak and off-peak rates for your room bookings.


In a previous release we introduced Mandatory Upsells. With this version we have expanded further on this to introduce Min and Max on Upsells and Physical Items. This allows you to control how many upsells a user can purchase as part of their order.


When a customer is asked a multiple choice question during the booking process ie. Gender, Swimming Ability, Shoe Size, or School, the system previously did not have a ‘default’ blank option. This was causing issues when the field was set to be ‘required’ as it would just take the first option in the list. We have now configured these fields to automatically have a blank or “Please select” option which, if the field is “required” will not let the user continue without making a selection.


Finally, we've spent a large amount of time looking at way to improve the performance of our Booking Software. You should find that this version is not only faster within the Admin system, but the speed of the booking journey is also vastly improved. Our own internal testing has show improvements of over a minute in the loading times when dealing with large or complex baskets.


(This includes all changes since v.3.6.10)


● Product Pricing Chosen (English (United Kingdom)) on Attendee report isn't pulling through the name of the Product Pricing

● Billing Page Payment Method Drop down to change when full paid Child Care Voucher

● Seven day calendar view does not work on Safari

● Orders Export exports no data

● Edit participant returns an error

● Order edit does not load summary after you change the event

● Cannot use Group action to create events.

● Error when location is changed after event is selected with 7-Day calendar

● Basket Page upsells showing NET price

● Product Displays ordered by Product Group - Only displays English

● Page 2 of Provisional Orders not loading on MyAccount

● Payments report: Cancellations & Discounts to chow correctly

● 'Update Event Publish Date' - should update all Multi Event, Event Publish dates not just 1st event.

● When customers book the same product but different locations, the summary info needs to be seperated

● Billing Page ShowIf fields visible all the time, not respecting products in Basket filter

● Error when trying to filter the Volume report by product

● "Bad Request" error after removing order item from an order in the Admin

● Exporting payment reports to CSV add summary columns that breaks the export

● Search widget currently returns ALL products. Needs some limitations

● Voucher redeem only redeems the NET price of an order item not the GROSS

● Location custom content not showing in Emails

● Product Group Booking Page or JSON feed ignores the Group Permissions set on a product

● Event calendar is showing wrong available spaces

● Internet Explorer - Unable to add new product

● Participant orders linking to other Purchasers

● Using browser back button shows “NAN” on Product Availability Calendar

● Showing minus slots and allow overbooking

● When a validation error happen the participant template is cleared

● When a telephone number is added with spaces it will cause a javascript error when

updating participant

● JsonFeed returning NULL values

● Re-include Template Fields in JSON feed

● Relating Members not saving

● User cannot save changes when amending events

● Customers / Orders - Export to CSV - exports all results and not filtered results

● Reason for cancellation isn't displaying within the cancellation email

● Event Upsell not allowing multiple participants on the same event

● Admin Order note is wrong when you opt in for SMS


● New Dashboard Modules

● Blank Option on Billing Page Option fields which does not count as a selection

● Support for Global Iris Payment Gateway

● Pricing by Time Bands

● Changing the attachment links in the system to look more friendlier in the email

● Min/Max Quantity on an Event Upsell

● Memberships Module

● Include the Event Code separated by a comma per transaction line on the Payments report

● Search Widget missing multilingual support

● Regions in the JSON feed

● Calendar - Manage - Staff - change to show full name and not just first name

● Event Note/Description field


● Update framework version to SS3.6 and PHP 7

● Optimizing the system

● Change to Default Email settings and Notifications Label