Issues Fixed - 

  • Fixed an issue where the Upsell Group Headings on the Booking Page no longer worked
  • Fixed a broken link on the Task Completion email
  • Cleaned up and added additional information to how Timeline events are displayed in the Admin system
  • Got the Merge Members cron working again
  • Fixed issue where the Template Event booking view would show incorrect results when the user selects different location
  • Fixed an Issue where a webhook for a complete order returned all participants for every orderitem
  • Fixed a display issue when you've used the system on a minimised browser and come to expand it again, it still overlapped writing.
  • Fixed an issue where HTML in Language strings wasn't being parsed.
  • Stopped the feedback message from going to aborted and cancelled orders.
  • Fixed a mobile display issue with the Calendar booking view on safari/Iphone5 not showing availability
  • Fixed a rare issue where under certain circumstances the customer admin page does not load
  • Fixed an issue where passing /l/5 in the url wasn't setting proper location.

New Features - 

  • Clients can now have multiple sites managed within one Admin system using 'Subsites'
  • Customers can now upload documents on the Billing Page