Issues Fixed - 

  • Fixed issue with editing an Availability Room booking
  • Fixed issue with the Booking in the Past date picker not working
  • When create product availability booking and there is pre post time it is not added to the event
  • Fixed an issue where a Mandatory Upsell was removable
  • Fixed an issue whereby default emails were not being created when a subsite was added. 
  • Fixed issue with Upsell items not adding to the basket for ProductGroup products
  • Fixed an issue with Subsites where All security groups except Administrator have no permissions
  • Fixed issue with the JSONFeed productavailability not returning all events
  • Fixed issue with the Finance Report showing an error in certain filtering conditions

New Features -

  • Updated the webhook payload to include order cost details.
  • Added new functionality to the Consecutive Day promo filter to allow it to run multiple times
  • We now allow bookings to start by POST request
  • Added a new API Call for Email content retrieval
  • The Admin can now be filtered by location allowing a user group to only see information specific to set locations
  • Added support for OAuth 2.0 Single Sign On with Open ID Connect