Welcome to BookingLive v3.10 



Welcome to BookingLive v3.10. This release has been several months in the making and  contains well over 100 development items, making it one of our largest ever updates!  There are a few improvements which virtually all our customers will notice right away,  but the vast majority of the changes in this version have come from a real, concerted  push from everyone at BookingLive to fix as many reported issues as possible to  produce one of our most stable versions ever.  


The main improvements in this version are all focused around the final part of the  booking journey. We’ve introduced new ideas, and also taken a step back, based on  your feedback.  

  • Membership discounts based on participants
  • New confirmation page after billing page to final discounts
  • Ability to enter a Customer Reference on the Billing Page
  • Switch back to actual email attachments
  •  .ics file support
  • Many, many fixes and other improvements


In a previous release, we rebuilt our Memberships module to allow a person to buy  multiple memberships, for themselves and others. With v3.10, BookingLive will now  allow you to calculate membership based discounts based on who the participants are.   The typical example here is a kids club type of environment where one parent might be  booking their children onto various events, and each child has a different membership  entitling them to different prices. In previous versions of BookingLive, this simply wasn’t  possible without making several separate bookings.   With v3.10 we have separated out the payments section of the booking process. This  allows us to make further calculations based on who is attending each event. (more on  this next).   


An additional Summary screen has now been added to the end of the booking Journey  (before payment is made). Once the user has put in all their purchaser and participant  details and clicks to continue, they will now see a final ‘Summary’ screen where they can  review the details they have put in and manage their payment.     As mentioned above this additional step has allowed us to introduce improved Pricing  Scheme support for memberships but it will also mean we can, potentially, introduce  further discount options in the future. 


With these new changes to membership pricing, it quickly became a requirement that a  customer should be able to add someone as a participant and get their correct pricing,  even if they were not related. Due to GDPR however, there are a number of limitations  to what we can do here.   As such, with this version, it is now possible for a Customer to enter in the Customer  Reference Number of another individual on the Billing Page and the system will pull  through their details (without revealing them) and charge them the correct price if a  membership price exists for them.   To use a similar example to the previous one, in a kids club environment a parent may  be booking their own child and a friends child onto events. Whilst their own child will  most likely be in the system as a ‘relating member’ their friend's child would not be.  With this new option, the user can simply enter in their reference number and the  system will do the rest. This could include populating important health and safety  information about this person which the purchaser may not know themselves.


Following feedback from our customers, we have acknowledged that we made a step in  the wrong direction and have brought back actual email attachments.     In the past, we moved to use links in BookingLive system emails to improve the  deliverability of them. However, over the past couple of years, email systems have  become more accepting of email attachments and their deliverability is almost no  longer an issue. As such, we have now reverted back to sending out actual attachments  in our emails rather than generated links.    

You should notice this as soon as you upgrade to v3.10. Your customers will no longer  have to click on the links in your emails or log in to receive attached PDF files or  Vouchers, for example.  


Combined with the above email attachments update. BookingLive will now also allow  you to automatically include a .ics file with your Order Confirmation email.     This will mean that any of your customers using a modern email service like Outlook or  Gmail will receive an invite for their events which they can go directly into their  calendar.  



  • Grouping the Product Summary by Product is now possible in specific  circumstances
  • Changes to Deposit Calculations so that they apply only for specified products.
  • Added the ability to delete data older than x amount of time.
  • Membership discounts based on the Participant
  • Entering customer ref on Billing Page to load a Participant's details
  • Added Accounting Codes to the Payments Report
  • You can now manage 301 redirects for your website through the admin system
  • Added support for Account ID in Global IRIS Payment Gateway
  • JSON feed now supports pricing schemes
  • Product Pricing Expandable option on pricing schemes
  • Switch to actual email attachments
  •  .ics file update
  • Display last updated time on the dashboard
  • The Confirmation screen now only shows fields that are in the templates
  • Ability to filter Search Widget results by product group
  • "Show on Location Manager" options on Products and Resources
  • Moved Help links within Enterprise to redirect to Freshdesk
  • Added Event Code to the ProductAvailability Feed


  • Fixed issue with the Events - Send Message Group Op - Edit window not styled  correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the GDPR consent checkbox showed twice on a relating  member.  
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a Booking Timeline doesn't delete the Timeline  event
  • Fixed issues with the Merge Customer feature not working correctly 
  • Fixed issue with attaching room layouts to product availability
  • Fixed issue with the PDF Content field - adding an image didn’t work
  • Fixed issue where the help icon wasn’t appearing on the type UploadDocuments  field
  • Fixed issues with the default merge tags on the feedback request email not  working
  • Corrected a problem when forgetting to check the Data Protection field clears the  whole booking form
  • Fixed an issue stopping an admin user from adding multiple physical item  products to existing orders
  • Fixed issue when two products with confirmation message attachments are  bought, only one attachment is sent. 
  • Fixed some minor issues with Order statuses
  • Fixed an issue where a black line showed at the top of PDF attachments
  • Fixed a styling issue with the Display Anything widget
  • FIxed an issue where a custom Purchaser field, when updated, was not updating  the linked "I'm attending" participant
  • Fixed an issue with the JSON feed product availability not returning proper  information about template event products
  • Fixed an issue where editing Product availability does not respect the event pre  and post time
  • Fixed issue where a "There are no items that can be paid for with child care  vouchers" message showed incorrectly
  • Fixed styling issue on Feedbacks and Documents pages in the MyAccount
  • Fixed issue with Memberships not expiring when the end date has past
  • Fixed an issue when deleting events using Group Action that may cause an  endless loop if there are orders. 
  • Fixed an issue when call products method in JSON feed with logged used to  return error 500
  • Fixed an issue where an admin could not change the language for "Participant 1"  in the upsell
  • Fixed issues with the log-in and password reset screens so you would be  redirected to where you were trying to get to, if successful. 
  • Fixed an issue with paying by invoice as an organisation. 
  • Fixed issues when clicking in the "my organisation" section in the MyAccount  
  • Fixed an issue when cancelling a Membership still keeps the Membership Group 
  • Fixed an issue whereby orders with multiple attendees would show attendee  information to all participants 
  • Fixed an issue related to cancelling orders in a subsite from the admin system 
  • Fixed an issue with Mandatory Resource Upsells not working
  • Fixed an issue where Membership renewals took today's date not the end of the  last membership as the 'start date'. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Start Booking screen hid Availability Products if  "Resource Always Available" is in use. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Volume report did not support Membership type  
  • Fixed an issue where documents that customers had uploaded couldn’t be  downloaded in Internet Explorer. 
  • Updated the default permissions for the Staff Group 
  • Fixed styling issue where a bulleted list from underneath the breadcrumb was  showing on Login screens.
  • Fixed an issue where there was no possibility to create events series as getting  "invalid resource" for all the events 
  • Fixed an issue with the selection on calendar view being ignored if the quantity  was changed
  • Fixed an issue with the Dashboard graphs showing duplicated dates  
  • Fixed an issue with the OpenID Connect provider not working when User details  endpoint is being used  
  • Fixed an issue where Publish/Unpublish does not work for the template product  
  • Fixed an issue with the Feedback Report Export not exporting all columns  
  • Fixed an issue with the MyAccount Forget Me request sitting on "Please Wait..."  
  • Fixed an issue with the Sign Up booking page Continue button stops working  after you try to enter another email address  
  • Fixed an issue where removing a buffer time on the availability product didn’t  seem to change on the front end 
  • Fixed an issue with the date field on the Admin Booking - More Options was  incorrect  
  • Fixed an issue where vouchers where being created with the expiry date  matching the issue date  
  • Fixed an issue when editing an Availability Product Order Item did not recalculate  the amount due  
  • Fixed an error message shown when deleting an item from an order  
  • Fixed an Incorrect error message showing on availability product when a booking  adjusts at the end of the day