Upon being added to our Support FreshDesk you'll be sent a welcome email inviting you to set up a password to access FreshDesk and our ticketing system.

Follow these steps to submit a new support ticket.

  1. Visit this page and to log in using the password you set up from the welcome email.
  2. Click Tickets
  3. Click +New Support Ticket
  4. Enter a relevant Subject for your ticket.
  5. Select a priority for your ticket using the following guidance.

    Response TimeResolution Time

    A non-critical issue or question where there is limited operational impact. A small number of users are affected.

    5 business days
    60 business days

    A non-critical issue where there is moderate operational impact or non-critical loss of functionality on production software. A small number of end-users are affected.

    1 business day
    20 business days

    An issue that is creating a significant operational impact.

    A large number of end-users are impacted by issue but they are still able to work in a limited capacity.

    4 hours
    5 business days

    A critical issue where the software does not function or is preventing business operations. A large number of end-users are prevented from working with no procedural workaround.

    1 hour
    24 hours
  6. Select the relevant Area Affected as accurately as possible.
  7. Complete the Description box with as much information as possible e.g if you're experiencing an error, describe the journey to recreate it. If you're querying an order provide the order ID.
  8. Click Submit

You'll now be able to see/manage your open tickets on the Tickets tab.