Issues Fixed:

  • Improved error messages on location manager
  • Fixed issue where a filter icon shows on Location Manager but there are no filters
  • Fixed issues where the Membership report was visible even when it is not enabled from add-ons
  • Fixed issue with the Voucher screen date range filters not working
  • Fixed issue where the Location Manager didn't reset "booking on behalf of"
  • Fixed issue where an error message on billingpage was shown when product didn't have prerequisites
  • Fixed issues with creating availability events; the group op should not ask for Resource
  • Fixed issue where having {$ProductName} in pdfcontent of product ┬áis breaking the booking process
  • Fixed issue where the "Back to billing page" button submits summary page

Features Added:

  • We now allow Physical Item upsell to be attached to voucher products
  • CLIENT SPECIFIC - Support for Bookings in the Location Manager
  • Option added to stop the sending of ICS files if requested
  • Re-introduced the Event Required Resource upsell (with support for Template events)
  • Jump to anchors now supported on the Page editor
  • Filter resources and products by user location in location manager