Due to the highly complex nature of the area, Security Groups are managed by BookingLive staff admin only.  Security Groups are extremely customisable and are used to give Admin users and Customers appropriate access to the system, this can be limited down to very specific areas and actions. There are four types of default Security Group, each set up with it's own unique functions and additional custom groups can be created if required. Each area of the system can be set to Read, ReadWrite and Full access to govern what users can do and there is a filter for Locations and Products where you can add existing items and only details relating to those things will show for users in this group.

Security GroupSummary
StaffCan view and create in the majority of key areas including orders, events, products, reports etc but won't have access to any overall settings. Can be modified as appropriate.
AdministratorHave full access to the Admin system to see and edit everything apart from specific things that are BookingLive staff admin only.
PurchaserAssigned when a user account is created upon initial purchase. They have no access to the Admin system but we can choose their access to My Account, if they can edit an order, change the time and participant details, what items they can see in the navigation bar etc.
ParticipantNo access, this group is assigned to Participants.

Some examples you could use custom Security groups for.

Security Group
Only has access to view existing Orders and Finance reporting

Call Centre

Only has access to view and Edit existing orders and create new bookings, they wouldnt be able to view reports, create new products or events etc.